Kandersteg 2012.

What a brilliant trip that will live long in the memories of all the 35 participants, which included 22 Scouts and 5 Young leaders.
This was our third trip to the wonderful, beautiful and inspiring Kandersteg Scout Centre.
Each trip for those of us that have been before has been completely different. Two long coach journeys that include two ferry crossings were made easier for us to endure by the quizzes, films and the enthusiastic coach drivers; who were both awarded with a United Kingdom 12th Necker as a thank you.

The programme put together by the Young Leaders
ensured that all of us were pushed a little further to
achieve and make ourselves proud.
After all to sit back and not participate is not really
an option as this Scout Camp was non-stop action
from the moment that we arrived.
Many braved stepping over the parapet of the bridge
at Adleboden to abseil the 100ft to the ground whilst
others flew across the 150ft high zip-lines or traversed
the monkey bridge across the valley.
The river bed was explored as the Scouts enjoyed
themselves playing in the water. We all stood and
watched with mouths agape as two Leaders in their
harnesses stood nervously on the edge of the bridge
before leaping off into the abyss. The trapezium swing
then swung them to and fro under the bridge before their
feet would touch the ground.


The trip up the village cable car enabled us to take in the views of the snow-capped mountains.
At the top we all had the opportunity to experience the exceptional and very long toboggan sleigh; smiling faces saying it all. A short walk down to the lake to Oeschinesee on a very hot day meant that we could paddle in the lake as a reward. The resulting water fight meant that we were all able to cool off much more than we had earlier expected.

Whilst away we took many opportunities to take the Scouts hiking whether this was on the Gasternal or Hoh hikes both giving panoramic views across the valley of Kandersteg. Another hike to the top of Hoh but at dusk meant that we could see the whole valley lit up at night.

Wherever you go you will experience breath-taking scenery. Beautiful views are all around you as we sat in the village eating our ice creams. A reward for all as the sun shone
through the majority of our stay.

The ride up the Jungfrau railway to one of the highest mountains in Europe is an excursion that has always been included in the programme on any of trips to Switzerland. You have to allow a whole day for the visit as there is so much to do whilst on top
of the Europe. Scouts are amazed to see so much snow; the views leave you spellbound and the ice caves are a must. The mountain face zip lines and toboggan run can also be attempted by those brave souls that like their adrenalin rush. Standing on top of the Jungfrau gave us all the opportunity to watch as a Leader renewed her promise as a Leader before all of the Scouts were given the opportunity to throw the snowballs at her marking the end of the ceremony.
Kandersteg is also about meeting others and we were able to do this when attending the poolside barbeque, talking over the breakfast or dinner table or visiting the international campfire or the culture night. Scouts also got the swapping bug taking the opportunity to swap their neckers with scouts from other countries. It was pleasing to see the Scouts mixing with so many other nationalities. We
also took part in the “Light Trail” reflecting on the given sayings before sitting around a campfire in a stunning location as the sun set on the skyline.

Our final trip was visiting the thermal pools at Brig which is a train ride away through the mountains. The Scouts all appreciated the waterslide and the wave pool during the continued hot weather.

 So much to do to see and experience.  All of us will remember and treasure our memories of our summer trip to Kandersteg.


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